Providing Marketing Tech, Precision LeadGen & Financial Platform Sector Services, With Direct Funding to Pre-Qualified Businesses & Individuals.

Launching Impactful New Fintech Marketing Role
In Explosive New World of Financial Platforms, Integrations Of Digital Technologies, Expanded Capabilities & Valuations.

Our Founder Team Has Driven Over 150 Million Leads, Millions of New Financial Services Customers & Billions of Annual Premium Revenues + User Fees.

Launching expert marketing technologies, services & user acquisitions and scaling enterprise national programs for leading MarTech platforms and service providers.

The Alliance Business Launch Roles

Precision Lead Gen

Precision Lead Gen

Precision Lead Gen

User Acquisitions At Enterprise Level Scale

Precision Lead Gen

Customer Acquisition & FinTech Platform Services

Alliance fee income ranges for users valued from $100's to $1,000's, based on user LTV's. Custom user acquisition for FinTech Platforms & Unicorn Marketers.

Unique "Open Banking as a Service" Role & Platform to Provide Leading FinTech Capabilities.

Providing Precision LeadGen & Direct Funding for Companies & Individuals.

FinTech Unicorns Expanded From 39 to 272 Over 2019 to 2023. It's Large and Small Firms Delivering Financial Services From the Cloud.

The U.S. Platform (PaaS) Market is $71.7 Billion in 2021. Projected to Grow to $351 Billion in 20230. It Represents a 19.3% CAGR.

We will target fastest growing NeoBanks & FinTech Platform Providers that are creating more financial value + highest growth rates- to provide their custom national customer acquisition.

Alliance Funding Solutions

Creating Scalable Custom Financial Solutions & Delivering Capital to Business Owners & Individuals.

Providing Largest Range of Innovative Financial Services Direct To Precision Qualified Business Owners & Individuals.

Alliance Paid Fees for Leads, Prospects Sales & LTV User Revenues.

Alliance Revenues Include Fees for Qualified Prospects & ARR Valued Platform Users.

Targeting Precision LeadGen For Leading FinTech Platform Providers And Open Banking Financial Services.

Features Custom LeadGen To Drive Priority Prospects Direct To Our Marketing Partner Sites & Call Centers.

All Activities Link Via the Custom Alliance Live Lead & Call Platform.

Alliance Founder Team & Our Preferred Sector Servicer Providers Are Truly Expert At Marketing Technologies Involved to Drive Integrated Precision User Acquisition At National Enterprise Scale & Volumes.

Alliance Delivers Early ERC Refunds Direct to Qualified Business Owners, Partner Funded by Leading Wall Street Financial Firms.

Alliance's Wall Street Funding Partners & National Marketing Partner Roles.

Over 3.5 Million Businesses Have Filed IRS ERC Refund Requests, Dating Back to pre-2022.

There Are Up to 1.5 M Firms Still Owed Unpaid Refund Filings for Qualified Payroll Taxes Paid During Covid (2020 & 2021) Tax Periods.

We Have National Lenders To Advance Unpaid Filings, Allowing Their Refunds To Be Paid Now.

It Eliminates The One Year Plus Wait To Receive Their Pre-Filed ERC IRS Payroll Tax Refunds Direct from IRS.

We Have Material Opportunity To Provide These Early Refunds On National Scale To Qualified Firms.

Alliance Is Paid Combination of Fees From New Lenders, Firm Receiving Early Refund & Discount Fee Paid From CPA firm That Initially Filed ERC Refund.

It Requires Another 1.0 to 1.5 Years to Be Paid Direct From IRS.

Alliance Pays Program Marketing Costs & Earns Net Fees From Multiple Sources

Average IRS Refund Ranges Up To $200,000.

Alliance Fees Range From $3,500 to $5,000.

Alliance Role Is Providing Qualified Refund Prospects to Lenders.