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What is ERC?

During the pandemic, your company was still processing payroll for your employees. The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a non-payback grant. It is provided by the government to return part of the payroll taxes from the COVID-era. Think of it as a “payroll tax reimbursement” given by the IRS as a thank-you for keeping American citizens employed. 

IRS still has over $100 billion to refund due to COVID-era business disruptions and paid in payroll taxes.  For companies that maintained ten or more employees over 2020 and 2021, the average refund is $250,000 per company.

With Alliance, there are no upfront costs or financial risks to apply and the refunds are not required to be paid back.

Many companies are unaware of ERC facts, and others are led to believe they do not qualify. In fact, most are eligible under the new expanded rules. Let us be your trusted guide through the ERC process.

Was your company affected by any of these during the pandemic?

  • Government-mandated shutdown

  • Decline in revenue due to the pandemic

  • Government orders creating business disruptions

  • More-than-normal impacts in your ability to get or provide goods & services

  • Reduced customer capacity and/or operating hours

  • A decline in worker productivity due to social distancing

If any apply, your company may be one of the +7 million small businesses that are 

now eligible to receive ERC.

Alliance Will Continue To File Claims 

As IRS Pauses ERC Claims Processing

Effective through 12/31/23, the IRS has paused processing any new ERC claims to protect honest small business owners from scams. According to the IRS, 90% of recently filed returns contained incorrect or fraudulent elements resulting in bad claims, criminal cases and penalties.*

IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel encouraged small business owners to ”…seek out a trusted tax professional who actually understands the complex ERC rules, not a promoter or marketer hustling to get a hefty contingency fee.”*

Why trust Alliance?

Our accounting partners will ensure your claim is processed accurately and efficiently, and will provide full documentation to support every aspect of your claim. They have filed thousands of ERC claims on behalf of clients, and to date, none of the claims have been declared ineligible, inaccurate, or fraudulent by the IRS.

Should you file now?

The IRS will continue to accept new filings so the Alliance Team will continue to prepare and file valid claims as usual. History has shown that the claims our CPA's file will be acceptable to the IRS. We will also continue to offer the opportunity to receive ADVANCED PAYMENTS of your refund upon filing, so your business will not be inconvenienced by the IRS stoppage.

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How It Works

1. Submit Form 

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If you submit the form below, we’ll call you back within 24 hours. The initial call takes 15-30 minutes to determine your eligibility, outline the specifics of your case and answer any key questions.

2. Provide Your 


Our certified ERC CPAs will ask for documentation to support your return refiling, specifically 941A’s, profit and loss statements and applicable tax returns. 

3. Research & 


Our CPAs research, prepare and document your new return, preparing all reports to support any IRS review or audit and maximizing your refund.

4. Refile Your 


We document, sign and refile your 941-X return. The ERC refile process will take about 30-45 days and the IRS will take 6-9 months to process and pay you the refund. Alliance ERC CPAs manage all IRS activities throughout the entire process for you.

5. Wait… 

or Don’t. 

If you prefer not to wait for the IRS payment, for a small fee we can help you get an early refund so you can get your money sooner. 

What We Do

Alliance’s Mission is to help small businesses receive refunds for payroll taxes that they already paid in during COVID in 2020 and 2021.

Our services are risk-free. We are only compensated a small fee from the CPA firm if you receive an ERC refund. There are no upfront costs or obligations unless you get paid. 

Our team reviews your documents for full compliance with all federal and state regulations to validate your eligibility and qualify your refiling for a legitimate tax refund.

The Alliance Team members have completed over 10,000 ERC refilings and our CPA team members are individually registered as IRS credentialed tax preparers.

Our success and yours go hand in hand. Let us be your trusted guide through the ERC process.


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